Diamond files

Diamond files are all-purpose tools for the manufacture of tools, instruments and gauges. They give faster and more economical stock removal on both hardened and tough, unhardened steels and on carbides and eliminate distortion due to hardening as well as scratch build-up on cutting, forming and drawing tools.

Diamond files are suitable for machining hardened steels or unhardened high-alloy steels, rough and fully-sintered carbides, ferrite, carbon, graphite, GRP and ceramics.

The superiority of diamond files lies in their high cutting capacity and long tool life. Excellent grit protrusion gives rapid and accurate machining even when using low working pressures.

Diamond-files are available in three standard grit sizes:

  • D91 - for finishing
  • D126 - for all purpose-applications
  • D151 - for roughing

Plating service for special files and other grit sizes are available on request!