Founded in 1983, AUDIA Diamantwerkzeug GmbH began with the production of dressing and profile diamonds, as well as sintered tools.

By 1987, it had already completed the groundwork for the production of diamond and CBN grinding wheels. After the successful market launch, this project was acknowledged in 1989 by receiving an innovation certificate for the Niederösterreich region.

To round off the AUDIA product range, a positive electroplated coating plant for the production of "electroplated diamond and CBN tools" was installed in 1990.

From the outset it was the company’s objective to find market niches, and to insist not only on the domestic market, but due to the potentially large diversification in exports (now well in excess of 50%), to also ensure a crisis-proof and continuous development of the business.

AUDIA diamond and CBN tools are available worldwide for quality, and are used in many manufacturing plants in the metal, stone, glass and plastics industries.