Single Point Dressers

Single point diamond dressers are made from carefully selected diamonds. Due to their naturally formed tips they possess a higher abrasive quality and a greater resisting force than polished diamonds. In the table below the relations between diamond size and grinding wheel dimensions have been selected in such a way that the product of diamond size and diamond surface is proportional to the product of wheel diameter and diameter width.


Premium Plus:

A diamond quality selected with the utmost care guarantees five naturally formed tips free of cracks. A diamond of this type can be remounted four times or even up to five times for diamonds with six tips - provided they are used with the utmost care.

Colour: white, yellow to brown


First rate-quality with three to four natural tips guaranteed.

Colour: white, yellow to brown


Good quality with two or three naturally formed tips.

Farbe: brown, grey


Dressing diamond with one to two naturally formed

Colour: grey


Remounting of the diamonds ensures that the tools are used to maximum economic advantage. Once the diamond tip has reached a surface of approx. 0.5 mm², rotate the jig around its own axis through 90° to ensure that a new cutting edge comes into operation. If, after several turns, there are no cutting edges left, the diamond must be remounted. If remounting is delayed, the diamond will be destroyed prematurely, and the unused tips in the mount will no longer be used. If the working area of the diamond is too large, the dressing effect will be insufficient, causing reduced grinding wheel performance due to smooth wheels or excessive heat buildup on the workpiece.




Too late!

Instruction for use

Diamonds are sensitive to knock, impact and shock, therefore: Take special care when fi tting a dressing tool.

The diamond insert must be clamped vibration-free, short and securely. Before the start of the dressing process, ensure that suffi cient cooling is applied directly into the diamonds. A sudden
cooling of the diamond can cause substantial damage.

The diamond insert in single point diamond dressers must not be set on the centre of the grinding wheel but 5 to 15 degrees in the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel, i.e. inclined and dragging.

Dressing should be carried out at normal surface speed, or approx. 40m/sec. Infeed per dressing stroke: max. 0.03mm. On fine grain grinding wheels: approx. 0.005 to 0.01mm.

The longitudinal feed depends on the size of the grinding wheel grain, which considerably affects the structure of the grinding wheel surface. A lower feed rate results in a finer surface.

grinding wheel grainfeed in mm/U

One-Way Diamond Dressers

AUDIA-one-way diamond dressers use a special mounting method and bond. Therefore this type of diamond guarantees an optimum fit and outstanding heat conductivity properties of the diamond in the mount.

AUDIA-one-way diamond dressers are made from first-rate diamonds (no splinters); have a sharp tip with good cutting properties; are maintenance-free (no repairs); have a better price-performance-ratio than single point dressing diamonds.


diamond-insertsavailable caratage
1030,1/ 0,05
1050,1/ 0,05
1080,1/ 0,05
1100,1/ 0,05



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