Dressing Tools

High performance grinding technology has become an essential part of manufacturing processes that involve metal cutting. Quality requirements are now more and more demanding, and dimensional and shape tolerances more and more stringent. Similarly, while the requirements placed on surface finish continue to rise steadily, the call for optimum profitability also becomes louder.

The demands made on the dressing of abrasives which contain corundum or silicon carbide as the grinding material are as follows:
1. The machining of the concentric run and geometric shape of the grinding wheel
2. The reproduction of the required produced surface roughness of the grinding wheel
3. The cleaning of the grinding wheel surface

Diamonds, the hardest and most abrasive of materials, are the ideal material for the dressing tasks of today.

AUDIA‘s continual search for the latest technically profitable solutions, in cooperation with the sector as a whole, and its related developement activities have ensured that AUDIA diamond tools are used in nearly every manufacturing sector.